Sartorius Filtration and Purification

For over 140 years Sartorius has been using science to create solutions for our customers. The Sartorius Lab Filtration portfolio, whether it is simple filter papers or microporous membranes,  to the latest innovation in filtration devices, ultrafiltration units, or protein or DNA purification devices each demonstrates Sartorius’ commitment to using the best in science and engineering design to provide a product range that not only satisfies most every need, but does so with the ease, performance, quality and consistency that scientists demand today.

Basic filtration

The Sartorius laboratory filtration products are engineered to support you with all your filtration challenges. Filter nearly everything from air, to aqueous, to caustic solvents.

Filter papers

High-grade filter papers are indispensable for routine work in laboratory and industrial applications. Sartorius is proud to offer a full range of 100+ individual grades of filter and  technical papers or boards all manufactured to our exacting standards and engineered to solve all your filtration challenges.

Glass and Quartz microfiber filters

Glass and quartz microfiber filters are highly versatile, fast flowing, filters designed for a number of unique uses which require the properties of these highly specialized matrices, yet also can be used in everyday situations for ultimate performance.

Membrane filters

Sartorius Membrane filters, a membrane for nearly every need!

Filtration equipment

Sartorius knows that providing quality filter material is only half the battle. If a filter isn’t easy to put in place, connect or use, it becomes a problem rather than a solution. That’s why they have manufactured a variety of custom designed filter holders and support pieces that are expressly engineered for use with their many filters. These pieces fit tight, fit right and make using Sartorius filters fast, easy and economical.

Device filtration

Sartorius is proud to offer a truly stunning portfolio of filtration devices all designed to maximize filtration efficiency yet also be cost effective and easy filtration solution for the researcher and laboratory as well.

Syringe filters

Sartorius Minisart® syringe filters are the No. 1 choice for sterile filtration, analytical sample preparation, and clarifications media additives, buffers, chemical reagents, drugs and even gases!

Sartolab® P20 and P20 plus

Sartorius Sartolab® P pressure sterile filtation devices represent a new approach to aqueous filtration that offers a faster, more adaptable, and less damaging method for driving filtation than traditional vacuum methods. By using pressure instead of vacuum, filtration rates are up to 400 ml/min with no danger of denaturation.

Sartolab® RF | BT Filter Systems

Sartolab® Vacuum Filtration Devices with 0.1 µm and 0.22 µm PES membranes are convenient filtration units for 150 ml to 1 L sample volume. Sartolab® RF as a complete system includes receiver flasks. Sartolab® BT is a bottle top filter without receiver flasks enabling customers to use their own receiver bottles and to expand the filtration capacity depending on the particle load of the filtered liquid by filling more than one receiver flask.

Sartolab® 150v

Sartolab® 150V is a disposable vacuum filter with a pleated 0.22 µm PES membrane which is suitable for filtration of up to 15 L liquid.


With their broad range of volume capacities and MWCOs, Sartorius ultrafiltration centrifugal concentrators offer the optimal solution to any concentration or buffer exchange application. Our patented dead-stop technology allows direct sample recovery of the concentrate and saves the sample from drying out. The easy to read printed scale simplifies calculation of concentration result. There is simply no safer or easier way to handle your sample.

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