InterLabService – Advanced Technology for Molecular Diagnostics

InterLabService is one of the most experienced molecular diagnostics supplier. ILS supplies high-quality and professional solutions for infectious diseases diagnostics and GMO testing. ILS is an exclusive AmpliSense™ trademark representative on the global MDx market.


AmpliSense™  R&D department includes 10 research groups and occupies more than 60 researchers. There are more than 160 kits available which allow to detect viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal microorganism, genetic diseases and GMOs.

  • Qualitative kits
  • Quantitative kits
  • Multiprime kits – enable to detect up to 5 targets in one test tube (4 pathogens + 1 internal control)
  • Various nucleic acid extraction kits
  • Transport media for different types of specimens
  • RT-PCR, end-point and electrophoretic detection


AmpliSens – accurate results and very good value for price!

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