Corning provides high quality, innovative products for life science applications enabling people around the world to make and deliver life changing discoveries.

Cell Culture and Bioprocess

Corning® and Costar® – offering complete solutions for cell culture. systems for scle-up, high- and non-binding consumables, cleanroom consumables
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Cell Culture Media and Reagents NEW!

Cellgro® – Classical and speciality media, buffer solutions, antibiotics, human and animal sera, cell culture supplements, serum-free media, high quality water
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General Labware

As a leading innovator in reliable laboratory glassware, plasticware, and accessories, Corning can support your complete discovery needs, just as we have for scientists and researchers worldwide for 160 years.
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Axygen® Products

Axygen products and solutions for genomics applications are offered through a wide portfolio of tools including: automation tips, PCR consumables, pipet tips, storage plates, sealing options, AxyPrep nucleic acid isolation kits and devices, and benchtop equipment.
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Cell Culture Surfaces

With numerous new surface technologies—from Matrigel® Matrix to BioCoat™ pre-coated cultureware to synthetic ECM mimetic peptides —as well as non-treated and tissue culture-treated polystyrene vessels, Corning cell culture surfaces enhance the binding and growth of specialized and fastidious cell types in low and non-serum media environments and offer functional, structural, and surface charge modalities.
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Genomics / Molecular Biology

From sample preparation through PCR-based analysis—from low volume assays to high throughput screening—our comprehensive collection of sample preparation tools ensures  accuracy and precision, while providing excellent value.
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Advance your research with the valuable, high-quality instruments that have complemented our plasticware and glassware for more than 50 years. Labs worldwide count on us to provide innovative scientific laboratory equipment for life science, chemistry, and industrial applications.
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Video "Lab Rituals for Cell Growth"

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