22.06.2017 kell 18:00 veebiseminar “Immuno-PET With Nanobodies”

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WEBINAR: Immuno-PET With Nanobodies

June 22, 2017
8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern / 4PM BST

Once considered a specialized imaging modality, PET is transitioning to the mainstream of the pre-clinical molecular imaging field and is considered to be the molecular imaging modality of choice for a variety of emerging applications such as immunology.

The ability to visualize immune responses non-invasively would have tremendous value for basic immunology. In pre-clinical models it would be possible to track events such as the host response to follow the course of interventions such as checkpoint blocking antibodies in the treatment of tumors.

In this webinar the presenter will discuss the use of nanobodies to image various populations of immune cells using longitudinal PET imaging to make predictions of success and failure in immunotherapy using the B16 melanoma mouse model.

Join us for this thought provoking discussion on pre-clinical Immuno-PET imaging.


Hidde Ploegh, PhD
Senior Investigator, Boston Children’s Hospital

During the webinar, the speaker will:

  • Discuss the use of nanobodies to image specific populations of immune cells using longitudinal PET imaging
  • Present how the G8 PET/CT imaging system has allowed them to image immune responses and uncover new aspects of tumor biology in ways not previously possible
  • Answer your questions live during the broadcast